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Quality Politician Ecosystem

Blockchain and NFT
Mechanism for Evaluating Politicians Using Blockchain Technologies.
«QP- ecosystem» (Quality Politician Ecosystem)
Elections, plebiscites and other "expressions of the will of citizens" are based solely on lies and manipulation without creating objective prerequisites for the civilized existence of the society. Political programs are written for the target audience and read like fiction. Responsibility for non-fulfillment of political fairy tales ends at zero. The government clones itself in every election cycle in an effort to maintain the status quo. While opposition politicians make a living by participating in this farce.
This leads to the fact that instead of ethical and aesthetic development of the society, modern politicians lead the society to degradation, manipulating of the thesis that "the people in the dark do not deserve a different power".

Admission of people with high IQ, physical, mental and ethical health, psychological stability, knowledge in the field of art, science and technology to the political activity through an objective assessment. Lack of propensity to aggression, thievery, impulsive decisions, alcoholism and drug addiction.
Examination, certification of politicians for political activity.
Creating a library of personal political promises and their fulfillment.

Changing the existing system of admission to the political activity for the sake of ethical and aesthetic development of the society.
The political parties are more dangerous for the population than driving a car.
Wars, nuclear weapons, repression, prisons, poverty, corruption, and blood are more monstrous than road accidents.

The procedures invented in the world for allowing politicians the right to dispose of the lives of their subjects still remain in the Middle Ages.

Obtaining a driving license requires a medical certificate of physical and mental health, obtaining the "politician's rights" does not.

To be granted the right to drive a car, a person needs to learn the traffic code and pass an exam, to be in politics, no knowledge is required and there is no exam. What is needed is possessing actor's charisma, money, support of the mass media and security forces and being never convicted of criminal charges.

It is forbidden to drive a car in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication, while political decisions can be made in any state (drunkenness of politicians when signing the Belovezha Accords that destroyed the USSR).

Objectivity of assessment
Assessment criteria
Data availability
Data security and immutability
Adoption of the procedure by modern politicians

Solution via the “QP – Ecosystem” evaluation mechanism

The blockchain technology allows creating an objective mechanism for assessment of politicians, security and transparency of data.


Financing of the project would be of interest to businessmen suffering from political arbitrariness, to opposition politicians rejected by existing political clans.


The model is applicable for assessing any civil servants after adapting the assessment criteria.

Right now, the idea looks fantastic, but looking back at the traffic code, let me remind you that the first attempts to regulate urban traffic were made in Ancient Rome by Gaius Julius Caesar in the 50s BC, and the first driving license was issued only at the end of the 19th century. So over time, utopia can become the rule.

Maxim Privezentsev